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What is Hypnobirthing all about ?

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Hypnobirthing is the most natural way of bringing a baby earthside. Here's why.

Hello again and thanks for your support.

I have been getting many enquiries asking what Hypnobirthing is all about and what exactly does the course teach.

Some may believe that Hypnobirthing is only used in case you are having a low-risk pregnancy, but I love to emphasise how complete and up to date Hypnobirthing Australia course is, that can prepare you for a natural, VBAC,c-section and any change of circumstances delivery. It's all about learning the right techniques; how to stay calm, in control and to have a positive outcome out of it.

"We do not advocate for natural childbirth no matter what but for a different approach to birth, accepting and learning how to stay in control in whatever turn your birth may take."

I remember when I first heard the word "Hypnobirthing", and I thought, Oh, it sounds a bit "out there", how can I possibly relax during childbirth if the only thing I ever heard in my life about it was how painful the whole experience is?

Well, Hypnobirthing is just another word for Positive Birth. It empowers women to have a positive birth experience, how birth should be.

There are four key ingredients for a Positive Birth:

> Knowledge

> Tools

> Support

> Preparation

It's all connected.

I believe that in order for us to be in control, we need to have proper information about what exactly happens during pregnancy and birth and why we shouldn't fear birth.

Once we know better, we can do better.

Having the right tools is extremely important. How am I going to relax during the process? In my experience, I found that associating pleasure and excitement of getting to know my precious newborn made all the difference. And of course, learning about different methods of relaxation and visualisation was mind-blowing.

Support from your birth partner and caregivers are primordial.

I can't stress enough how important it is to have someone to remind you about the amazing job you are doing. During a social gathering, I overheard some friends coming to my husband after we attended Hypnobirthing classes asking him "how boring" the classes were and hubby lecture them about how amazing and informative it actually was

( proud moment here :) ).

And lastly in my list but not least: Preparation, this is when all come together.

Practising the scripts during my free time or before going to bed helped me tremendously to believe I could do it, that my body was made for it.

So, What are the benefits of HypnoBirthing?

There are many well-documented positive outcomes of Hypnobirthing. Here some of them:

> Greater spontaneous labour

> Shorter duration of labour

> Creates a more integral role for the birthing companion

> Fewer need for C-sections and other interventions

> Better baby wellness scores at birth (APGAR)

> Better baby attachment and breastfeeding

> Gives you ongoing skills in relaxation and self-hypnosis to manage stress and pain

> Shorter hospital admissions, quicker recovery

> Less incidence of post-natal depression

> Increased satisfaction of your birth experience

> Happier and more content mothers and babies

How is the course delivery?

Hypnobirthing Australia course consists of 12 hours of training for Mothers-to-be and birth partner, in four 3-hour sessions.

You also have the option to do it two sessions (usually held on weekends) or Individual face to face course, where you can choose the best time and date that suits you.

Have a look at the Course content:

Unit 1:  Creating and maintaining a positive mindset

Introduction to positive mindset of Hypnobirthing Causes of Fear (including history) and how it affects our labour The role of our caregivers Mind/body connection What is hypnosis and how will we use it for birthing? Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome – how fear affects labour My amazing uterus– understanding the physiology behind birthing Our hormones are our friends Re-programming the subconscious Birthing environment The language for empowered birthing Toolkit for birth The power of affirmations

Unit 2:  Choices, knowledge, tools for empowered birth

Conditioning techniques leading up to birth Hypnosis tracks, birth music, aromatherapy Releasing endorphins through touch Choices in maternity care Maintaining a healthy diet Staying Active – exercise during pregnancy Tips for Optimal Foetal Positioning Introducing our toolkit for birth The importance of facial relaxation Relaxation Breathing – a skill for life Surge Breathing – the best tool ever! The ‘urge’ to push/bear down – breathing dow

Unit 3:  Preparing mind and body for birth

Visualisations for pregnancy & birth Pre-birth bonding Bonding with baby at birth ‘Guess date’ – a normal range of pregnancy Inductions – things you’re not always told A natural start to labour Instant relaxation techniques Self-hypnosis techniques to practice alone Using triggers, anchors, suggestion, self hypnosis in pregnancy & birth Hypnosis/relaxation scripts & prompts for partners

Unit 4:  Birth – bringing it all together

Birth Preferences, and open communication with caregivers Special circumstances Membranes releasing Questions to help you make good decisions Birth companion as advocate Your rights as a child bearing woman Breech or posterior – options & positions Hypnosis for releasing fears What to expect through labour and birth When to call the midwife/go to the hospital Birthing positions The birth partner’s role Cord clamping & placenta delivery Undisturbed bonding/breastfeeding time – skin to skin Hypnosis – Rehearsal for Birth

And that's why Hypnobirthing Australia is the most complete course at the moment.

Do you have any questions?

Please send an email to

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Barbara x

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