Oh, you're pregnant! Let me tell you a story...

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Have you ever been in this situation?

Well, let's talk about horror birth stories today.

How many of you can relate to it?

I mean, just going to the shops and as soon as the cashier or a random shopper spots your pregnant bump, BOOOOM, another horror story on the way. It's like you can feel it coming and you can't avoid it.

But wait, If you are reading now and you have experienced a traumatic birth, I AM REALLY SORRY. I wish from the bottom of my heart that you had a different outcome.

The thing is, people are often sharing these stories ( to begin with, it's never theirs, always a neighbour, friend's friend, etc.) that sometimes it is hard to find a positive one.

So, what's the point of sharing it? To prepare them for what's to come? It will freak them out!

Ideally, women should understand why it happened to them. What was it done to get to that point?

Too many unnecessary interventions? Early hospital admission? This part of the story is never shared. Why?

I have witnessed "good" births, so when I fell pregnant for the first time, I knew there was a lot I could do to have a positive pregnancy and childbirth. I just needed to do some work; otherwise, I would be part of the statistics. Do you know that 1 in 3 women in Australia have an induced labour? Well, I didn't know until I start researching it. And the stats don't get any better from that.

As a second-time pregnant mum, I will share a few tips with you so you can, politely, stop these stories coming your way.

1- It is OK to stop, even if you have to put your hand in front them and say: "THANK YOU for sharing it. Still, I am focusing on having a positive birth, so enough of birth stories for today".

2- "I don't want to be rude, but I don't want to hear about traumatic births now ( or never :)".

3-" Thank you for taking the time to share it, but as it is not positive or encouraging, I have to ask you to stop."

Remember these are only polite ways to say it, you will find your pitch.

Nowadays, every time someone tries to tell a horror story, I say:" Oh really, that's a bad story, but this is my second pregnancy. I had a fantastic birth with my first, so I know for sure it doesn't have to be like that.

Many times I just mentioned that I used Hypnobirthing Australia techniques, and I am dumbfounded as a lot of people never heard about it.

I was able to have a positive pregnancy and childbirth that this time around, I cannot wait to give birth again.

Funny enough, I was never looking forward to be pregnant or to raise another baby, but to give birth.

How come is it possible?

Well, when you learn and understand all aspects of birth and can use the right relaxation techniques, you are almost sure you can have a great outcome from it, just as I did the first time.

Would like to hear more about Hypnobirthing?

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