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Birth on your terms

Are you ready to be in charge ?


This  program includes:


4x 2 Hour Group session

1 session per week

Birth on your terms -  Let’s chat about it!

How the maternity system works and how to navigate it 

Choices, Options and Preferences 

Birthing outside your home country

How to avoid interventions in birth

Breathing and Mindset Techniques

The importance of daily movements

Follow up Q&A Breakthrough Session



- Physiological birth

- Optimal Maternal Positioning 

- Mindset&Body- Breathing and calming techniques, visualisation, affirmation and meditation

- Preparation for birth: Getting ready to birth with confidence


+ BONUS Birth Partner preparation session 

+Videos, workbooks and resources


New groups starting fortnightly 


Total Investment : $297 per couple


Who is this course for?

This course is for you if :

You are pregnant and looking for  ways to have a natural birth

Willing to take responsibility and own your decisions

Looking for a non medicalised approach to birth

Tired of going to antenatal appointments and not getting the information you want 

Ready to get prepared for birth in ways you couldn't imagine it was possible

Pregnancy should be the most precious moment in our life. Getting ready to surrender and meet the love of our lives.
And yet, women are overwhelmed living with uncertainty and fear.
It does not need to be like that.
Come and learn ways to be in control of your birth.

I will share with you how I had a hospital birth free of interventions followed by a homebirth the second time around. 

Women all over the world are becoming in charge of their destiny and having the birth they aim for. 
There's no one size fits all. hence It is so important to connect during our sessions!

Once you get it, nobody can take it from you.

Childbirth is the most important rite of passage in a woman's life. 

Are you ready to be in charge? 


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