About me

Hi, Barbara here!


I am absolutely delighted you found me!


Here's some info  about me :


I am a Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner, Optimal Maternal Positioning Educator, Birth Doula and Mentor and incredibly passionate about supporting women to find their path and make the most of their pregnancy and birthing journey.


I've spent the past 5 years studying, researching, getting certified on the best trainings out there but you know what?

None of this actually matters when you are able to witness women finding their voice and experiencing the transformational effect childbirth has on a woman's life. 

I am a proud mum of two boys and after being able to discover myself -  Not only having the birth I wanted but seeing the extraordinary and positive impact birth work can have in our lives - I was shocked to know that the majority of women don't have the same experience when birthing their babies. 


The truth is, We know how to birth babies, our bodies and mind know it as well. We just need to be reminded how freaking awesome we are!

So I am here to show you there is a better way and I can't wait to support, inspire and guide you to embrace birthing your baby on YOUR  terms. 


The possibilities are endless!

If you feel you deserve more of what is offered out there, Let's connect!


Barbara x

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