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What is Hypnobirthing?

"Hypnobirthing" is just a fancy word for "The use of hypnosis techniques during birth "

It’s a natural form of pain management and self-relaxation that can help you to remain calm and in control during childbirth.
It prepares parents for a positive childbirth experience.

In Hypnobirthing classes, you will learn techniques such as deep relaxation, visualisation, affirmation, breathing and self-hypnosis (meditation) and light touch massage. These classes prepare you with the knowledge and confidence, tools that will support you to birth calmly enhancing your birth experience.

Hypnobirthing inspires a peaceful, relaxed, empowered pregnancy and childbirth.
The program is designed for both natural and caesarean birth, which is why it is revolutionising birthing in Australia.
We promote positive birth, preparing you for whatever turn your birth may take.

Classes are taught either in small groups or individual, where you and your birth partner can make the most of it.

One of the most positive aspects of it is that these classes help to educate birth partners. They feel they are part of it as well, which can help a labouring mother tremendously. 

Women and birth partners feel empowered with the “We Can do it” feeling.

Whether you are a first-time mum or not, Hypnobirthing can undoubtedly help you to feel supported and ready for your fantastic journey into motherhood.

What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing?

There are many well-documented positive outcomes of hypnobirthing:

  •  It's a natural form of pain management

  •  It promotes a rapid postnatal recovery

  •  Shorter duration of labour

  •  It can decrease stress and fear during childbirth.

  •  Fewer C-sections and other interventions

  •  Promotes more rapid postnatal recovery

  •  Better baby wellness scores at birth (APGAR)

  •  Better baby attachment and breastfeeding

  •  It promotes special bonding of the mother, baby and birthing companion

  •  Less incidence of post-natal depression

  •  Increased satisfaction of your birth experience

These are the best possible outcomes for a gentle, spontaneous and calm birth. However, Hypnobirthing Australia also prepares you for any change of circumstances so you can have the best outcome possible, whatever turn your birth may take.

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Doctor Examining a Pregnant Woman

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