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Reclaim your birth 
Full Experience 

Hello Womb Woman

What is in here for you:



4 x 90 min sessions

Birth on your terms mindset

Ideal birth plan chat:

A deep understanding of  how your choices impact birth

Fear Release session

Mental and Visual Affirmations Package : 

Visualisation for birth

Honouring yourself, baby and birth 

Breathing and Relaxation techniques

Access to Birth preparation and

Birth Flow  videos for pregnancy and labour

Setting the right intentions for birth - Bonus session

List of resources for birth preparation

Phone support during labour if needed

1x Postnatal session including Birth debrief

8 weeks of Voice and text messages support



 Total Investment: $ 997

This is the right option for you if: 


You want to feel empowered and discover yourself

Want to have your own unique experience in childbirth

Want to understand more about the process

You're tired of leaving prenatal appointments feeling hopeless

You want to birth your baby naturally

You want to  let go of fears and uncertainty

You feel you deserve more than what is offered


What to expect after the sessions?

You will learn to make informed decisions

Birthing won't be something unknown to you anymore

You will have a comprehensive understanding of how birthing in 

and outside the system works

You will be able to navigate labour patterns

What to do as a support person

Have a personalized birth preference and a postpartum plan

Release your fears about childbirth

You will feel excited about birth!   

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