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Whether you are a first time or experienced mum planning for your birth, I may have exactly what you're looking for. 

What if you could have the birth you always wanted?

You are in control. 

Your childbirth experience matters.

Come and have a look at a range of courses I offer and get ready to experience birth on your own terms. Check it out !

What if I told you can have the birth you long for?

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What people say

Anna L

Having Barbara's support during pregnancy and birth made all difference . She made us understand that we shouldn't fear birth but embrace it. Thank you .

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Larissa M

I have no words to describe the amazing impact birthwok has had in my life.  Not only having a good birth but changing my life. I discovered a new person within myself.

Melissa A

After a very traumatic birth experience I knew I had to go the extra mile to have a better birth the second time around. I am so happy I found Barbara during my journey I not only had an awesome experience but also learnt more about myself. Thank You, Barbara


Childbirth Preparation Courses&Coaching

Birthing on your own terms

4 weeks of Group sessions PLUS a Bonus session for your Birth Partner


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Reclaim your Birth

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12 weeks of Birth Preparation coaching

1:1 support

Coaching calls, video and messages 

Support during pregnancy and birth

Postpartum session



Coaching Sessions

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