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Whether you are a first time or experienced mum planning for your birth, I may have exactly what you're looking for. 

What if you could have the birth you always wanted?

You are in control. 

Your childbirth experience matters.

Come and have a look at a range of courses I offer and get ready to experience birth on your own terms. Check it out !

What if I told you can have the birth you long for?

Your birth story can be different.

You deserve more.

Get to know your options.

Are you ready?

What people say

Anna L

Having Barbara's support during pregnancy and birth made all difference . She made us understand that we shouldn't fear birth but embrace it. Thank you .

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Larissa M

I have no words to describe the amazing impact birthwok has had in my life.  Not only having a good birth but changing my life. I discovered a new person within myself.

Juliana P

I loved  every bit of our work together . I think the main idea is to find the answers inside of yourself, It is like a therapy work but  birth related . Thanks Barb